Pros and Cons of Fat Tire Electric Bikes


VTUVIA not only launched fat tires,but also spared no effort to combine freestyle riding style with fat tires.

Best features of VTUVIA fat tire ebikes

Fat tire electric bicycles caused controversy at the beginning, but after more thanten years of development, fat tire bicycles have quietly occupied a place inthe main brand product line.

The perfect combination of mountain road bike geometry and traditional fat tire bike.

As the name suggests, wide tires and wide tires have become the latest fashion incycling. They look like bicycle versions of giant trucks. These tires are designed to be able to drive in certain ground environments that you cannot imagine, such as beaches and snow.

Here’sa quick look at theFat tire ebikes


Traction: The larger contact surface of the tire with the ground results in better grip and traction, which is particularly beneficial for riders that like to ride on soft or unstable terrain. This means if you do a lot of trail or dirt riding, this will be a better option for you than many types of standard bicycles.

Versatility: That traction for soft and unstable ground also makes the bike highly versatile. You can bring out the fat tires for just about any type of condition and trust that you’re going to get good results. The same is not true for every type of standard bike.

Some drawbacks to consider before purchasing a fat tire bike include:

Expense: Like e-bikes, fat tire bikes are going to be more expensive than standard bikes because they are more specialized. The special rims, tubes, tires and other components all cost more, raising the overall price of the bike.

Weight: Fat tire bikes weigh more than standard bikes, which isn’t surprising, when you consider the greater size of many of the important components. There are some manufacturers selling bike frames with lighter materials, like carbon fiber, but this increases the expense.

Slow: The heavier frames, decreased tire pressure and greater friction with the ground (which can make it harder to pedal) really hampers the speed of these bikes. If you’re looking to get around quickly, this isn’t the bike for you. But in areas and terrains where speed isn’t the primary concern, they perform great.

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