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New York City, Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

VTUVIA is launching the newest step-through electric bike, the Antelope, in December,2022. VTUVIA dedicated itself to the research and development of fat tire electric bikes in North America since the beginning of the brand and soon expand into other categories: electric mountain bikes, electric commuter bikes, electric folding bikes, and even electric cargo bikes. VTUVIA brings the most cost-effective fat tire e-bikes yet to North America’s market with specs that match or surpass similar higher-priced offerings from other brands. The new launch: Antelope, has everything in just one e-bike: fat tire, folding, enough power, light weight, etc, details are as follows:

•Folding, step-through fat-tire commuting e-bike
•48V 750w brushless hub motor, intelligent pedal assist system
•Shimano 7 gear derailleur
• Aluminum alloy frame, colored display
• LG battery cells, shielding the internal battery
•20”x4”puncture-proof tires
•Telescoped handlebars, low stand height
•Price: $1,699
After countless tests on the road, the Antelope is finally ready to roll, smooth and powerful. VTUVIA is very confident to say this e-bike is a must to nature lovers, commuters, or those who have knee injury or have trouble riding a regular bike. With this e-bike, riders can commute to daily work, switch the power off and they'll get a tremendous workout during a 35 mile run on a 28kg fat tire e-bike, use some power at the end of the journey to get a fresher vibe for today.
North America is the second largest bicycle market in the world(only after Europe), yet oddly there’s no dominant power in this industry. Known brand like RadPower has only 10% of the market share in the U.S. Statistically speaking, North America market is full of diversity and possibilities, and customers are more willing to embrace all kinds of well-designed brands and products. The SF20(H) step through e-bike was launched two years ago and is still selling well on VTUVIA’s website and has gained praise from Amazon & Ebay, dealers and customers. The new Antelope is going to shake up the e-bike market. It brings next level value, with competitive specifications and quality design compared to others at the same respective price points.
“The Antelope is the dream e-bike I would personally like to have as well as for my mom. She is little overweight and was resistant to riding a regular bike because its ‘too tiring.’ I believe this one will blow her mind and she will start to work out with the help of its pedal assist function. ”said VTUVIA CEO Mr.Lee. “In the last lockdowns, I spent more time outside in the fresh air than I had ever done. I have reconnected with my younger self & found a new meaning in my life. I love cycling and sometimes say hello when I am out and about. The e-bike has given me a new lease on enjoying the mental and physical benefits of cycling. The technology has done wonders for people like us.”
Lee continued, “This is the era of healthier lifestyle, the diversity of creation of the e-bike industry is making cycling easier for both sports enthusiasts and normal people attempting to go out. We bring choices for people and we wish everyone to have the best time they had while riding our e-bikes.”
In addition, Lee shared that VTUVIA is currently working on more intelligent devices and services for better riding experiences for its customers. Also the orders from America, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia increases tremendously.
A quote from one customer Frank: “Keep in mind that many of us who are not as active as we used to be is not due to laziness but due to declining mobility. I have a great deal of walking difficulty now and a bike is about my only option to be active outdoors. I am researching to purchase an e-bike instead of a two wheeled bike for safety reasons.”VTUVIA believe that is the magic of e-bike and the reason to serve more.
VTUVIA is a superb brand specialized in electric bikes(also known as e-bike)and accessories. We provide excellent products and services all around the world for our customers for over 5 years.
We have our own research and technical department&design department make sure every product we produce is 100% self-design, well-functional, quality-guaranteed and solid. Our customers’ loyalty and thousands of five-star reviews shows our capacity.  
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