Aftersale Service

VTUVIA has its solid after-sale services.

1. All electric control parts are guaranteed for 1 year and all mechanical parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

2. Warranty requirements caused by dysfunction during the warranty period from the time the dealer receives the bicycle, we provide after-sale parts for free.

3. For maintenance needs caused by human reasons, replacement parts will be provided at factory price for life.

4. We have stock of regular parts in our overseas warehouse, parts can be shipped to dealers within a week.

5. We have a cooperative battery repair center in CA that are able to detect the cause of battery failure and conduct maintenance. If the battery is beyond repair after test and within the period of warranty, we provide a new battery replacement.

6. We provide free technical video support. In addition, we visit dealers from time to time every year to exchange technical problems on site and do technical support.

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