Vtuvia Electric Bicycle

VTUVIA Electric Bike, Dare to Be Yourself

This is the time of homogenization, this is the time to have highlight the unique personality, this is time to show ourselves.

From the cross-country electric bicycle brand Italy Vtuvia, open private treasures for you riding time, let you travel is the scenery.

Vtuvia still choose to follow their own road of persistent people.

No one is willing to live the same life with others. Although we just choose compromise, we all want to live our own life.

Vtuvia is for those people who really want to pursue the rider and service.

Faith is the motivation. Vtuvia spent 3 years for a cross-country bike. Design,proofing, testing, test riding, collect ideas to improve,Thousands of day and night,A little modification,Until the full vehicle out of the moment,All the hardships are trapped into excitement and anticipation.

In the Internet Age,more people choose shopping online because of the safety and convenience of transportation,the difficulty of bicycle assembly and other factors. Vtuvia is looking for better solutions in its packaging design.The design of the internal structure, the placement of various components, the 

installation of small tools, installation of graphics and video and so on.Vtuvia not only is an off-road electric bicycle brands, it is a group of offbeat riders club.It's full of surprises, personalities, real self, creativity, DIY.

Although there are same electric bicycle, you can also have your own DTY,The type and size of the tyre, the style of applique, the color of the frame and the lettering can be freely selected according to their own wishes,build your own riding treasures.

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