Fat Tyre Electric Bike

Vtuvia, Achieve your scenery

“Vtuvia”is originated from Italy, We mainly operate the urban off-road electric bicycle brand,we will create  belong yourself cycling scenery and unforgettable memories for you. Different ride, different rider.
When we are talking about SUV, a lot of people's first instinct is cars, Few people think of off-road electric bikes, but SUV electric bike become more popular in recent years.
Vtuvia built a cross-country Electric Bicycle for cyclists who can cross the sand and snow
Cool and stylish exterior, muscular double wheel, vibrant and cool color.
Cycling, whether through the streets or lanes, will be the focus of the crowd.
Riding a bike, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also have a wonderful life of your own.

High-end Material
Integration molding, using aviation aluminum alloy materials.
The dual wheel and the flexible speed control system, the car's grip strength, you can easily cross the beach, enjoy the experience of easy climb.
Sensitive and efficient oil disc brake, safe and durable, You can stop at any time and enjoy the scenery on both sides by our Electric Bike
The built-in long-life lithium battery lasts longer and lasts longer.

Private Customization is More Personal
There are billions of people in the world, but there is only one you.
Riding a bike is also the same, to go out must have the elegant appearance that belongs to oneself. There are so many the same things in the world that you need to go after different things
Vtuvia, Create a special bike for you.
The tire model, the applique style, the engraving, color and other freedom of choice collocation, let your ride more reveal the individuality of ego.

Achieve Your Scenery

Cycling is no longer just for the convenience of travel, but he is also a kind of attitude towards self-life, showing me and revealing myself. It is a choice of quality, a kind of enjoyment, a kind of cool attitude, no longer limited to the appreciation of the scenery, but let you achieve your own unique scenery in the crowd.
Choose your own path in your own way: Vtuvia, A unique paradise for cyclists